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Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna nude
Grammy-winner Rihanna knows how to work her way into stardom. Her voice may get the awards, but it’s her body that rocks her to A-celeb status. The 21-year-old isn't shy about showing off the chocolaty goods, either.
A Paparazzo's Wet Dream
Amy Winehouse nude
Crack-smoking, skin-flashing, fan-beating Amy Winehouse may have picked up a few awards, but she's best known for her off-stage antics like nude beach frolicking, fist fights and rehab. Wino doesn't need to fake nip slips and upskirts; she just lets it all hang out, and the paparazzi eat it up! She sums herself up in the tune "You Know I'm No Good.
Today's singers have become some of the top celebrities in the world and are showing more skin then ever before. Some of the best celeb sex tapes, nipple slips, and upskirts have come from this talented group of singers. We expect more to follow the trend this year and get nude on camera.
Female singers exposed
Female singers exposed
Female singers exposed
Female singers exposed
Tila Tequila Live Sex Show
In case you missed it, Reality TV star Tila Tequila stripped down naked and masturbated the other morning live on cam much to the delight of her fans whom she lovingly refers to as the "Tila Army". She ranted and rambled about everything from her charity work to her ongoing court battle with ex boyfriend NFL star Shawn Merriman all wearing nothing more than a gawdy necklace. While touching herself and dancing nude, she also found time to call out her haters, and let everyone know she is a "grown ass woman", "a lesbian" and was "born naked".
Jessica Simpson Showing More Skin
Jessica Simpson nipple slipJessica Simpson nipple slipJessica Simpson nipple slip
Jessica Simpson is having a hard time competing with her little sister Ashlee for starpower, but when she starts flashing her boobs and ass it's no contest. The sexy blond celebrity is showing more and more skin these days which means more album sales and probably another Dukes of Hazaard movie. If she wants to keep up with other pop singers, she's going to have to make a sex tape.
Beyonce Knowles Expose
Beyonce Knowles won several Grammy Awards for her songs and now she is winning over fans with her nipple slips and upskirts. While dancing with Hugh Jackman at the Oscars, she had a wardrobe malfunction that exposed her perfect tits.
We Put the Pussy in Pussycat Dolls

Don't Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Nicole Scherzinger? The Hawaiian hottieleads the sexy 5-girl band known more for their skimpy costumes than their music. They've gyrated their way to stardom with a few hit singles, well-planned wardrobe malfunctions, and reality television. You won't find the scandalous pics we've got on MTV, though!

Exposed Singers
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez nude
Jennifer Lopez has one of the most amazing asses in all of Hollywood. You won't believe what it looks like bare and naked. more
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Lil Kim
Lil Kim nude
Going topless on stage is an old trick for Lil Kim, in fact she's been showing off her big black tits for a decade now. more
Lady GaGA
Lady Gaga Nude
Lady Gaga is topping the charts and filling up the gossip rags, with a little help from upskirts and nipple slips anything is possible. more
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