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Hayden Panettiere's
first nude pics
Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl steams up ABC every Thursday on Grey's Anatomy but off-screen she's simply on fire in the nude pics we've got of her. We couldn't believe the down-and-dirty poses Dr. Izzy Stephens was willing to do.
Rumors are circulating around the web that the "Melrose Place" and "Sex and the City" star Kristin Davis has a sex tape floating around on the Internet. Could this sweet and innocent looking actress be the star of this hardcore celebrity sex tape? We certainly hope so! A screen cap taken from the video shows Kristin Davis (supposedly) giving a guy a blowjob, followed by wild unprotected sex.
The City's Whitney Port Exposes Herself!
Reality star Whitney Port just can't seem to keep her clothes on. They fall off at the most inopportune moments - in front of the camera. The City hottie is embracing fake celebrity status and making the most of her most photogenic sides. Fake Celebrity 101: Flash your tits and show some ass and you'll get great publicty!
Elisha Cuthbert: TV Vixen
Millions turn in weekly to see sexy Elisha Cuthbert play Kim Bauer on '24' but her break-out role was playing a porn star on The Girl Next Door. Known to flip off paparazzi, date and dump hockey stars, and flaunt her hot body on every men's magazine she can find, Elisha keeps her male fans lusting for more.
Blake Lively
Standing 5'8" on killer legs with blue eyes, a tight ass and full rack, Gossip Girl Blake Lively may be what keeps the CW show on the air. That school-girl uniform drives us wild every week, and her numerous nip slips and upskirts contribute heavily to her hotness factor. At only 22, we've got years of wardrobe malfunctions ahead!
Annalynne McCord

From a sociopath on Nip/Tuck to a snobby socialite on 90210, Annalynne McCord looks sexy in any role. The 22-year-old TV starlet has a rockin' body and she knows it. She's never shy about frolicking in a bikini, posing for the paparazzi and oops! popping out a nipple now and then. With Annalynne, 90210 is much better the second time around.

Anna Paquin
Anna’s character, “Sookie” is a bar maid that gets a good sucking from Vampire Bill. more
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Lizzy Caplan
This “Mean Street” standout is a Super Hottie in “True Blood”, don’t you think? more
Danielle James
Randi Sue” finds her “good times” with “Jason”, Anna Paquin’s brother. more
LYnn Collins
Lynn Collins - “Dawn Green” worked with “Sookie” and screwed various vampires. more
Danielle Sapia
See Danielle Sapia having sex with Ryan Kwanten in "True Blood" more
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